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(Episode #81) What Triggers My Dog to Fight with Other Dogs & Stories of People and Pets Rescuing Each Other.

Published: 12/01/2020
Mike getting a kiss from his dog Abbie

Full Show Notes.

(Feature photo – Mike and Abbie, from one of the Mutual Rescue™ stories.  Photo credit: Christopher Briscoe)

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Segment 1: 1:07 – 13:54

Does your dog ever initiate scrapes or scuffles with another dog? All of a sudden, they are at each other, you may not know what started it, if someone is getting hurt or not, and the human owners watching nearby are probably screaming and yelling –  sometimes louder than the dogs. No injuries may result, but it’s still upsetting when this occurs. Even if we don’t think there was any provocation, there are reasons your dog can become physically assertive or aggressive that we may not understand simply because we do not have canine minds. My dog, Rosy acted out three times in the last few days.   I am aware of the two things that trigger her to go on the offensive with other dogs, one is a normal adult canine behavior, the other is a weird quirk. And I know how to manage them, yet sometimes it gets away from me. This happened recently and I was distressed. I’ll tell you why in my story.

If you also have a dog that gets into minor fights with others, let’s talk about it.  Write me at susan@raisingyourpaws.com or you can leave a comment on this episode page, the blog page for this episode, or on the Raising Your Paws Facebook page.

Segment 2: 13:56 – 40:29

I’m sure you’ve heard that pet adoptions are at an all-time high during the pandemic of 2020. Besides, the obvious reasons that people bring these animals home, there are other effects that dogs and cats have on us that you may be unaware of, that can profoundly change a person’s life.  An organization, called, Mutual Rescue™, shares compelling, true stories through short films and a book that demonstrate that when people adopt animals, their own lives can be dramatically transformed in positive and often unexpected ways. Carol Novello, the founder of Mutual Rescue™, a national initiative of Humane Society Silicon Valley and the author of the book, with the same name, is on the show today and will share a few of these engaging stories.

Carol Novello, Founder of Mutual Rescue™.










Check out the Companion Blog – From the stories you heard, see photos of the people and their pets. Then you can watch the films of Eric and Peety, Josh and Scout and Patrick and Grace.

Segment 3:40:31 – 44:09

Finally, in the last segment, I’ll tell you another Creature Feature, a short amusing true story about animals – this one is about a dog that got in trouble with a librarian.


Additional Resources for the show.

You can hear the segment about why adult dogs physically correct puppies on Episode 68 here.

Website for Mutual Rescue

How to order the book, Mutual Rescue: How Adopting a Homeless Animal Can Save You, too” by Carol Novello with Ginny Graves.

Source for the story about Wofford the dog. “Amazing But True Dog Tales,” by Bruce Nash and Allan Zullo, compiled by Muriel MacFarlane.