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(Episode #74) How to Improve Your Pet’s Mental Health & Help for Pets Fearful of Thunder and Fireworks.

Published: 08/26/2020
scared dog hiding under table

Full Show Notes for Episode 74.

Title: How to Improve Your Pet’s Mental Health & Help for Pets Fearful of Thunder and Fireworks.

Intro Timestamps: 00:01 – 01:13

Segment One: 1:15 – 8:17

Do you wonder if your pet is happy, overall? There is something you can do to increase their mental welfare and make sure their emotional needs are being met. The key has to do with what you and your pet has in common – the core emotion systems in the brain. I’ll tell you about 5 of the 7 core emotions we share with our dogs and cats and then the guideline to follow.

See the companion blog for episode 74 that lists all seven core emotions.

Segment Two: 8:21 – 45:08

Is your dog or cat afraid of thunderstorms, fireworks or other very loud noises? Do you watch your pet suffer and wish there was something more you could do to help them? My guest today is Dr. Karolina Westlund, of ILLIS Animal Behavior Consulting and the author of the blog, Dogs and Fireworks, (30 + proven techniques to eliminate noise phobia.)  We talk about why animals become afraid in the first place and what to do to help your pet based on the latest research and current best practices.

Additional Resources for the Show.

One of the sources for the story about the core emotions – “Animals Make Us Human” by Temple Grandin.

Dr. Karolina Westlund’s website.

Karolina’s blog’s mentioned on the show:

Dogs and Fireworks (30 + Proven Techniques to Eliminate Noise Phobia)

Here is the one she sent me about the importance of getting the timing right when you’re trying to change how your pet feels about scary noises. (counterconditioning – meaning re-learning.)

One of the 5 most important words in animal training: Counterconditioning.

Karolina Westlund