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(Episode #104) How To Lessen Dog’s and Cat’s Stress & The Best Game to Play with Your Dog.

Published: 10/20/2021
Dog in play-bow posture

Full Show Notes:

Introduction Timestamps: 00:00 – 1:18

Segment 1: 1:21 – 2:42

Have you tried to take photos of your cat in low light? If so, you’ll know that most often the pictures show their eyes as being just bright shining yellow circles.  Why is this? I’ll explain the special physical feature felines have that cause this and why they have it.

Segment 2: 2:45 – 25:54

We know that we feel stress and that it can affect our health. Dog and cats also experience physical and emotional stress that can result in health issues, but it can also reveal itself as behavior problems. In this episode, I’m replaying a part of an interview from my past Wild about Pets Radio show with Dr. Paul McCutcheon, the author of the book, The New Holistic Way for Dogs and Cats. The Stress-Health connection, written with Susan Weinstein. We talk about some of the kinds of stress that can affect pets and how to monitor and remedy it. (note: Dr. McCutcheon has since retired but his clinic is still in operation.) 

Segment 3: 25:58 – 37:38

In the last episode, I promised I’d tell you what is considered to be the best game ever to play with your dog.  This game develops a strong bond with your canine, teaches them manners, allows them to safely express their wolf instincts, and has you maintaining leadership and its lots of fun for your dog. All great games have rules – to play them properly, and this one does too. You may already play this game with your dog but knowing why the game is so beneficial and what the official rules are will be interesting to you. In this episode, I’ll list the 7 short rules you’ll want to know and the ones to teach your dog.

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 Additional Resources for the Show.

Dr. Paul McCutcheon.

Paul McCutcheon, DVM. Photo credit: Jeanette Johnstone.

book cover - New Holistic Way.

Dr. Paul McCutcheon’s clinic: East York Animal Clinic & Holistic Centre.

Amazon link to order The New Holistic Way for Dogs and Cats: The Stress-Health Connection by Paul McCutcheon, DVM and Susan Weinstein.

Source for the story about the best game ever: Tug of War. 30 Days To A Well –Mannered Dog. The Loved Dog™ Method by Tamar Geller.