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Episode #68: Why Pups Are Snapped At By Older Dogs & How Cats Can Go Hiking And Biking.

Published: 06/02/2020
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cat on rock with view of blue mountain lake

Full Show Notes for Raising Your Paws Podcast, Episode 68.

Title: Why Pups Are Snapped At By Older Dogs & How Cats Can Go Hiking And Biking. Announcement! We have a Raising Your Paws Facebook page. Quick ideas and fun video’s about how and why dogs and cats behave the way they do and what to do to solve the challenges. Please join our community. We welcome questions. Looking forward to seeing you there.

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Intro Timestamps – 00:00 – 01:16 Segment 1 – 01:18 – 10:40 Has your puppy gotten snapped at by an adult dog? Or has your adult dog irritably jumped on a puppy for no apparent reason? In this episode, I’ll explain the action that may look to you, like unprovoked aggression but in reality is a normal and to be expected correction of the youngster’s behavior.

Hasara Lay, creator of Catexplorer.

Segment 2 – 10:41-30:14 Then, there are cats who do along with their humans on all sorts of adventures, like hiking and boating. How is this possible? Hasara Lay, creator of the Catexplorer website and podcast explains how to determine if your cat has the right temperament to become a world explorer and how to start getting your cat ready to discover more of their world.

Wendy Levine

Wendy Levine, our storyteller.

Segment 3 – 30:15 – 41:42

Plus, another true, personal pet story from listener, Wendy Levine. Hear the emotional story about a cat named Hemi, who turned out to be an unexpected teacher of patience and mindfulness for Wendy.

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See photos of cats exploring the world and of Hemi, the cat being taken care of by storyteller, Wendy Levine, on the companion blog for this show, How Your Cat Could Go Along On A Bike Ride.  

Additional Resources for the Show.

Source for the story about corrections from dogs – Why Does My Dog do that? By Sophie Collins. Catexplorer.co – Everything you need to know about having your cat discover the world. Catexplorer Podcast.