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056 What to Know Before Giving a Pet as a Holiday Gift & Why Certain Holiday Foods are Not Good For Your Pets.

Published: 12/17/2019
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If you are thinking of finally getting that puppy or kitty for your kids, relative or special someone and presenting it as a holiday gift, you’ll want to consider these things first to ensure the pet will be a long lasting success in the home.

There are certain foods we like to eat around the holidays, that our pets would also like to partake in, but many of them can cause health problems for the dog and cat. In this episode I’ll list which ones can be hazardous and explain the reasons why.

Additional Resources for the Show.

1. NutriSource Pet Food’s full time hospital therapy dog has arrived at Masonic Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis, Minnesota!  See the press release and photos of Rocket, the Golden Retriever at www.raisingyourpaws.com.

2. Resource’s for finding a pet that will be a good match.

a. From Dogtime.com there are two good tools:

This one determines which types of breeds and mixes may be a good fit for you and your family. https://dogtime.com/matchup

Here are detailed profiles of the major dog breeds so you can learn about their different characteristics. https://dogtime.com/quiz/dog-breed-selector

b. ASCPA Meet A Match™ Program. https://www.aspcameetyourmatch.org/about

This one helps you to figure out which personality types of dogs and cats would match well with you.  It is designed for matching you with dogs or cats that you would adopt from an animal shelter.

For the more detailed explanation about these resources and topic, see the original blog article “Finding the Pet that will be a Good Match for You” at the Raising Your Paws website.

3. If your pet eats the wrong foods and you suspect health problems, call ASPCA Poison Control Hotline phone number – 888-426-4435.


Have your credit card handy: After reception asks what the health issue is with your pet and relays this to a Vet, they will ask for your card number as there is a charge for the service.  It is worth it.