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055 Hearing Your Pets Talk Using Artificial Intelligence? & Why Dogs Turn in Circles and Scratch Before Lying Down.

Published: 12/03/2019
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I promised you that I’d tell you why I knew my cat Willie would protect my apartment and get physical with any intruder that dared to enter the house. Here is the story of why Willie’s nickname was “Killer Cat.”

Next, did you know that your dog can recognize your different facial expressions and that someday you may be hearing what your pets actually say, though using artificial intelligence?  My guest today, is Richard Louv, a nature journalist and author of the book, “Our Wild Calling: How connecting with animals can transform our lives – and Save theirs.” Along with other new, startling, scientific discoveries about our relationship with our pets and other wild animals, he makes the point through many fun and fascinating stories, that the connection we have with non-human creatures affects our well-being and mental health in deeper ways than we may be aware.

Then, do you wonder why your dog turns in circles while digging at the carpet or its doggy bed before lying down to sleep?  Find out the answer in this show.

Additional Resources for the Show.

Richard Louv’s website.

Order “Our Wild Calling: How Connecting with animals can transform our lives – and save theirs.” By Richard Louv.

Source for story about dogs turning in circles: “The Secret Lives of Dogs” by Jana Murphy and the Editors of Pets, Part of the Family.

Fictional excerpt from book ”Walking in Circles before Lying Down,” by Merrill Markoe.