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051 Teach Your Dog to Stop Begging & How A Pet Food Company Helps Children Battle Cancer.

Published: 10/08/2019
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Does your dog annoy you when it begs for one more treat, or pushes your hand so that you continue petting its back, or bark at you to throw the ball just once more? In this episode, I’ll explain how to teach the cue, “enough” which means they are to stop doing whatever rather demanding behavior they are doing and leave you alone.

Then, meet the family behind NutriSource and why in addition to manufacturing pet food, the company is dedicated to helping children that are hospitalized or battling cancer.  My guest is Charlie Nelson, the third generation president of NutriSource Pet Foods, from Perham, Minnesota. Charlie tells stories about his background playing professional baseball and how they got involved with an organization that started from a promise between a father and a child with cancer. Then, hear about the Nelson family’s latest cause, placing a full-time therapy dog, who will be named after their grandfather who started the business, in a Children’s hospital.

Plus, have you begun a new relationship, spending a lot of time together at your place, or perhaps recently gotten married? All is going really well but does your cat acts like it hates your new partner?  Growling or acting aggressively? You may think it’s because your cat is jealous – your cat is upset – but it is not because of the time you’re spending with the new person. Your cat is feeling anxiety and fear. Find out the reasons why and what you can do to change your cat’s feelings about your partner so they stop hissing and start bonding with them.

Additional Resources for the Show.

Source for story about teaching your dog not to beg: “The other end of the leash” by Patricia B. McConnell, PH.D.

NutriSource Pet Foods Website.


Source for story about when cat hates partner: “Think Like a Cat” by Pam Johnson-Bennet

Pinky Swear Foundation


  1. Hello,
    I can count on one hand the podcasts I have listened to on any subject. However after six-years without the love and bond of a pet, I needed training reminders for Georgie. He’s a Standard Border Collie-Poodle mix (Bor-doodle) just 14 weeks old and although really intelligent he’s full on puppy, and yes I have a little bandaid on my thumb from our game of fetch.
    My last pups lived long happy lives. Buddy a German Shepard and Coco a Shar-Pei Pitt (Sharpit). Both were well-trained and wonderful. However that was a long time ago!
    Along with the blog on nipping, I appreciated the podcast on “Enough”. Thank you for the reminders, pointers and encouragement I look forward to tuning in again.
    I was introduced to Nutri Source large breed puppy grain free turkey whitefish from a local Pet supply store in Roseville, California and Georgi immediately showed his preference over a “Wilder” brand so seems we will be back to the store pretty soon

    • Hi Anita, I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the podcast. I had not heard of a Bor-doodle. 🙂 Georgie is going to be one very smart dog. Both great breeds. I imagine it is challenging yet fun to be raising a young pup again. I’m sure you’ll be great at training again once you get back into the swing of things. For leaving your comment, I’ll be putting your name in our “hat” to randomly select two winners for free pet food. We’ll be doing the drawing in a few weeks.