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032 Did the Dog and Cat Really do That? – Touching and Funny Stories for the Holidays.

Published: 01/01/2019
Categories: Episode

Everyone loves cat and dog stories. In this episode you’ll hear three of them. The first two are about the incredible and unlikely things dogs can do.

Then listen to a story about a cat who is anything BUT a picky eater, plus an amusing memory about my cat Willie who wanted BBQ takeout.

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Story: “Leonidis M.D.” by Charlotte Hopkins. From “Chicken Soup for the Soul – The Dog Did What?“  by Amy Newmark.

Story: ”Bamboozled” by Susan Blakeney. From “Chicken Soup for the Soul – The Dog Did What?” by Amy Newmark.

Story: “On a Mission” by Lisa Mackinder. From “Chicken Soup for the Soul – The Cat Really Did That?” by Amy Newmark.