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029 The Easiest Way to Stop a Fight Between Your Cat And Dog & Taking Coveted Items Away From Dogs Without Them Guarding the Possessions.

Published: 11/20/2018
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Does your dog guard certain possessions such as its chew toys, or even pieces of Kleenex it gets a hold of? There is a remedy for this – it is learning and practicing a technique called an object exchange. In this episode, I’ll explain each of the steps.

Next if you have both cats and dogs living together at home, you’ll enjoy hearing how to keep peace between them in part two of my conversation with certified animal behavior consultant, Amy Shojai, author of ComPETability, Solving Behavior Problems in the Cat-Dog Household. Wonder why your dog loves eating the cat’s poop? You’ll find out here.

Then, this episode’s fast fact segment is true or false statements about a dogs heritage and its features. See which of the fun facts you know the correct answers.

Resources for This Episode:

Amy Shojai’s website.

How to order ComPETability, Solving Behavior Problems in Your CAT-DOG Household.

Amy Shojai’s blog: Bling, Bitches and Blood.

Amy Shojai on Facebook.

This week’s blog will be Amy Shojai’s 10 commandments for how to best blend dogs and cats together into a peaceful home.  Go to www.raisingyourpaws.com.  See the blog for episode 29.

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