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027 How Dogs are Saving Combat Veteran’s Lives & the Cat’s Remarkable Secret Weapon.

Published: 10/23/2018
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Your cat’s whiskers are far more useful than you know. In this episode, discover just how remarkable they are for helping your cat maneuver around the house or hunt, in the dark of night.

Next, for veterans who suffer post-traumatic stress disorder, canines are providing relief and a lifeline, in a way that no other treatment can.  You’ll hear all about it as Eva Braverman, Executive Director of War Dogs Making It Home, shares how veterans are saving dog’s lives and the dogs are saving the vets.

Then, how to recognize and handle the kind of barking that means your dog feels the need to defend itself or something- guard barking.

Resources for This Episode:

War Dogs Making it Home website.

War Dogs on Facebook

War Dogs Making it Home phone number: 773-914-1711

War Dogs Making It Home Address: 2149 W. Belmont, Ave, Chicago, IL. 60618

Resource for Story about Guard Barking: Barking: The Sound of a Language, by Turid Rugass.

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