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026 How House Companion Dogs Become Race-Winning Sled Dogs & How One of the World’s Most Popular Dog Breeds was Created.

Published: 10/09/2018
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Does your dog need a job? Perhaps it would be good at pulling your kids in a wagon or you, while on cross-country skis.  Hear dog sled musher, Frank Moe, explain how he turned his household companion dogs into racing sled dogs and then he tells compelling stories of some of his races.

Plus, a dog’s behavior will make sense to you when you know the job your dog was bred to do. I’ll tell you the story of how the third most popular breed in the United States was developed and what resulting behaviors you can expect if you have or are considering getting one of them. The name of the breed is a secret for now – you’ll have to listen to the show to find out who it is.

Resources for the Show:

Frank Moe’s book, Sled Dogs to Saint Paul.

Where to buy dog booties that stay on: DogBooties.com.

Kipmik Products – the Booties Frank uses.

More information about NutriSource Pet Foods.

Where to buy NutriSource Pet Foods – the dealer locator.

For how to teach your dog to pull things or become a sled dog:

Sled dog Central

The book, Skijour with Your Dog.

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