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020 Increase Your Dog’s Confidence with a Trick of the Leash & There May Be Bugs in Your Pet’s Food in the Future… But That’s a Good Thing.

Published: 07/10/2018
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How you hold the leash when your dog meets new people or other dogs can have a big effect on how they feel about them. I’ll explain why and what not to do.

Then, have you wondered who makes up the recipes for your pets food and guarantees the meals have all the right nutrition? Meet my guest, Dr. Greg Aldrich, PhD, a professor at Kansas State University who teaches about everything that goes into how pet foods are made. Wait till you hear about some unusual pet food ingredients that you might see in your pet’s food in the future.

Plus, if your pet gets injured, here’s how to recognize shock and what to do about it.

Additional Resources for the Episode:

Source for the puppy story from Turid Rugass, dog trainer and animal behaviorist.

Barking, The Sound of a Language” by Turid Rugass.

Guest, Dr. Greg Aldrich, PhD.  Kansas State University: Pet Food Program Website Page.

Written steps for dealing with medical shock: See the full show notes at www.raisingyourpaws.com

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