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017 What is CBD Oil for Pets and What Does it Have to do With Marijuana & How to Get Your Puppies and Kittens to Stop Biting you.

Published: 05/29/2018
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All puppies will bite and mouth you too hard at times – unless you teach them how not to. I explain the process here.

Next, there is a legal, supplemental oil made from a controversial plant that is taking the news by storm. It benefits both humans and dogs health. Find out what it is and what it does.

Then, I’ll explain an easily corrected mistake many cat owners make that gives a kitten the wrong idea of what’s okay to bite. 

Resources for this episode:

Find out exactly why and how CBD oil works in human and canine bodies. 

Check out www.raisingyourpaws.com.  Blog article, Episode 17.

My guest, Dr. Caroline Colie’s website.

Read Dr. Coile’s blog.

Order Dr. Coile’s, book, Cannibis and CBD Science for Dogs.

Additional Books written by Dr. Coile.

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