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007 Why its so Important to Socialize Your Puppy & the Meanings of Those Sounds Your Cat Makes

Published: 01/09/2018
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Your cat makes all sorts of different vocalizations and does a pretty good job of communicating its message but for those of us who don’t talk cat, they can be confounding. Hear some examples and find out what those silly sounds mean.

Then, during the first three months of your puppy’s life, the experiences it has, will greatly determine its ability to get along well with both people and other dogs. Find out the fun and easy things you’ve GOTTA   do to ensure your dog has every chance to become a confident, socially well- adjusted adult.

Resources for the episode
Cat sound effects by Soundsnap

Click here to find the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior (AVSAB) position on puppy socialization and vaccinations.

Click here for the article by Dr. Anderson about his belief that Puppy Vaccination and Early Socialization Should go together.