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New Year's resolutions to make for your pet

December 31, 2020
puppy wearing "Happy New Year" hat

A new year calls for new resolutions. For some of us, it means trying out that new exercise regimen. For others, it means letting go of past mistakes and finding ways to be better.

Resolutions, no matter what they are, can be hard to accomplish if we don’t set clear outlines and objectives. While you may have set some goals for yourself, have you ever thought about setting ones for your pet too?

It seems strange but setting resolutions for your pet can be valuable for both your pet’s health and their relationship with you. Plus, both of you may benefit from similar accomplishments and not even know it.

Your pet could be the accountability buddy you need

We all know one thing about New Year’s resolutions: they often start strong but fade fast. In January, your first two weeks of fitness training may start off fantastic, but as you near February, your motivation tapers off.

When we rely only on ourselves to pursue our resolutions, it can be easy to throw in the towel, especially if your friends or loved ones don’t share the same goals. However, if you have a bad habit you want to kick, your pet may have ones similar to you. For instance, if you’re out of shape and desire a more active lifestyle, your pet could benefit from more exercise as well. By recognizing this, you may be more motivated to get your furry friend up and moving, which in turn, can help you do the same.

However, you and your pet’s resolutions don’t have to revolve around an active lifestyle. There are plenty of other things you can focus on too. Here are a few to consider:

Invest in your pet’s health

2020 has taken a toll on our well-being. Not just on our physical health, but our mental health too. Chances are, your pet can carry some of your weight on their shoulders, as your schedule and mood can impact their life. However, they don’t always communicate their feelings the same way you do. Taking care of yourself can benefit your pet a lot. But beyond that, consider bringing them to the vet for more regular check-ups in the new year. That way, you can better understand their needs and help them boost their well-being. If you haven’t built a relationship with a local veterinarian yet, 2021 may be the year to start.

Commit to your pet’s safety

You may think your pet is safe enough in your house. That can be true, but some like to run off and explore the great beyond — aka, your surrounding neighborhood, filled with cars, strangers and other people’s pets. Because of this, having to chase after them amid their escape can put both you and your pet in serious danger. That’s why investing in their safety can help you too. There are a few ways you can do this, but it often depends on what pet you have, as some can have different responses if they try to run off. Dogs are more pack-oriented, so if they get lost or scared, their instinct is to run toward their owners. Cats are more nomadic and may not see you as their leader, so they may react by running away from you rather than toward you.

If your pet doesn’t have a microchip, consider having one implanted this year. If you have dogs, cats or both, microchips can allow you to easily track and identify your pet if they run off or go missing. For those that let their pets outside, an electric fence can help them stay within the bounds of your yard.

If you have a dog, find ways to improve their daily walks

All dogs need exercise and walking is a great way to get them moving. However, if walks become an unpleasant or uncomfortable activity for them, that can make them hesitant to go. This unpleasantness can be caused by their relationship with their leash and collar. A collar that is too tight around their neck can make it harder for them to breathe and sniff. If that’s the case, a collar that fits their walking preferences can help. If your dog likes to pull on their leash when they’re out, get them one that goes around their chest rather than their neck. Harnesses that allow you to connect the leash to a front ring at the chest of the dog can change the dynamics of pulling. You can also try what’s called a gentle lead collar. These collars are explicitly designed to help dogs with leash pulling. When your dog feels comfortable on their daily walks, that can make it easier for you to walk with them.

Find new ways to train them

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Not true! Whether they’re a dog or cat, there are still plenty of ways you can train them as they age. You probably worked hard to teach your pet right from wrong when you first got them, but they have some habits that aren’t good for you or them. For instance, perhaps your cat pees on the floor when they get upset or your dog tackles any person that steps foot in your house. But pets, unlike children, like it when they know what you expect out of them. No cat or dog is the same, so you may have to specify how you train them, but it’s always worth a try. You can train them on your own or with a professional. Plus, it’s easy to reinforce good behaviors with tasty meals.

Groom them regularly

Groom your pet to make them look and feel their best. You can do so by brushing their teeth, trimming their nails and brushing their hair regularly, all from the comfort of home. If you’re not sure how to groom them properly, that’s OK. A local groomer or pet stylist can help.

A new year means a new regimen

2021 can be a year of positive change for both you and your pet. When you train and treat them to be their best, the both of you can change for the better. If you don’t know where to start, getting them the proper nutrients can be a step in the right direction.

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