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Doggy daycare: 7 benefits that await your dog (and you)

October 01, 2021

Wondering if doggy daycare is right for your dog? Many pet parents find that providing their pup with a place to romp and socialize is just the life-enriching solution they never knew they needed. Whether you’re thinking of daily sessions, weekly or something in between, these are some of the benefits of doggy daycare.

Provides a dog-friendly social space

Dogs are social animals through and through. They’re tuned in to what their humans are up to. And when they’re around other dogs, they pick up very quickly on how to use body language and tail movement to send messages to each other. Such as: “Let’s play!” and “I didn’t like that. Let’s try something new,” and “Not now. I need a break.” Doggy daycare may be overwhelming at first for dogs who never learned social skills, but with a little time and patience, they will start to warm up to their new friends and come out of their shell. For well-adjusted, socialized dogs, doggy daycare is the ideal setting to hone their skills and have fun playing with buddies.

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Provides an open place to romp

Life as a dog means your living space is pretty much designed for humans and their needs. Though dogs are great sports and adjust to this pretty well, just imagine if they had someplace to go where they were simply allowed to fully be their doggy selves, where they could run, play tug-of-war as long as they liked, and snuffle around without interruption. Plus, at doggy daycare, they don’t have to spend one minute worrying about ramming into the coffee table.

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Distracts dogs from separation anxiety

As people begin returning full time to the classroom and the workplace, dogs will be left behind. If you’re one of thousands of people who welcomed a new dog into their home during the pandemic, your pet will certainly need to get used to this new schedule. Doggy daycare is one way to ease the transition. By spending the day in a canine-friendly environment where they’ll be active and having fun, they won’t have time to feel distressed by your departure.

Provides peace of mind during travel

Some doggy daycare centers also offer kenneling services. So think of how this dual arrangement can make your travels a happy occasion for both you and your dog. Take him to a few doggy daycare sessions so he can get familiar with the setting and the people. Then, when you leave for your trip, your dog will already have a positive association with this place, so you can jet off feeling good that your dog is enjoying time in their home away from home.

Gives humans time to focus

Many people who work from home full time are known to make use of doggy daycare on occasion. Even though they love having a built-in excuse for dog snuggles and outdoor breaks during the workday, doggy daycare is handy for those times when work is piling up or they have a big deadline. Others make it a twice-weekly thing so their young, energetic dog can let off steam and interact with dogs and people, without being told constantly to settle down and be quiet.

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Perfects at-home training

Spending the day with a different set of humans and dogs gives your pup a “real world” environment to put into practice what he was taught, to obey call commands and mind his manners. Some dogs are a lot like human children. Some lessons just don’t sink in until they’re reinforced by an outsider, whether the feedback comes from another human or a perturbed playmate.

A great outlet during bad weather

Subzero weather, heat advisories, extended rain and other bad weather conditions can limit your dog’s activity level, because they can’t get outdoors to run and play. Establishing a relationship with a local doggy daycare can offer the perfect foul-weather remedy for your furry friend. When they’re feeling a bit penned in, a couple of sessions should give them the exercise and active time outlet their minds and bodies have been craving.

Bottom line, dogs that go to doggy daycare often come home feeling head-to-tail happy and ready for a good night’s sleep. And you’ll feel pretty darn good knowing that all that play, interaction and exercise enriches your pet’s life.

A combined love for our furry friends

NutriSource knows a dog’s well-being extends beyond their nutrition and believes in the many benefits offered through doggy daycare. As such, NutriSource is proud to be partnered with Dogtopia, a national dog daycare, boarding and spa franchise with more than 160 locations across the United States and Canada.

Like NutriSource, Dogtopia loves and cares for your pup like they are their own. They realize that your dog is a furry member of your family and they deserve the highest level of care. With their partnership, NutriSource is providing all daycares with dog food every month as well as delicious dog treats for its Dogtopia Foundation Treat Machines. Learn more about Dogtopia at