KLN Family Brands Announces Top Dog Winner

PERHAM, MINNESOTA, October 10, 2013 – KLN Family Brands is celebrating the tenth year of their super-premium line of dog and cat food, NutriSource.

To celebrate this milestone, NutriSource will have a fresh new package design, rolling out in January of 2014. Combining the anniversary with the package change, NutriSource wanted to honor the many pet parents who have supported the brand throughout the years. The number one seller, Adult Chicken and Rice, will do this by displaying the contest winner of the Next Top Dog.

The Next Top Dog was an online based contest where people could submit their favorite pet photographs to win a spot on the bag. Also included in the prize is a free supply of NutriSource pet food for a year.

The top five dogs were chosen from almost 800 entries in 37 states! The top five were then put online once again and the public had their chance to pick the number one dog. A Boykin Spaniel named Bruin from Lenoir City, Tennessee was chosen. He had a total of 629 votes, edging out second place by 136 votes.

KLN Family Brands is very happy with the results of the contest and is proud to have Bruin representing their brand for the next year.


CONTACT: Anna Rasmussen

Marketing Director

KLN Family Brands