In the last episode of our podcast, (episode 5,) I talked about how difficult it was for me to walk my dog Rosy, on her leash, when I first adopted her,  due to her extreme pulling. Then I found out about a special type of harness that has a front ring at the chest to clip her leash to instead of her collar. It made all the difference – the very first time she wore her new harness, she instantly stopped pulling like she had been doing.

There is a physiological reason your dog pulls. Did you know this?  Listen to the beginning of episode 5 to discover what the biological reason is, that encourages pulling.

Here are a few photos of Rosy wearing her front clipping harness.  


Rosy in the wind.


[clearfix]She is wearing the “Freedom No-Pull” brand harness.  This harness is sold in some of the independent pet supply stores, and on the web. If you want to do some reading or ordering online, there are two places to look for this type of harness.

The website of Jessica MacDonald, the woman who designed, invented and patented the “Freedom No-Pull” Harness.

The website of the exclusive manufacturer of the “Freedom No-Pull” harness.

2 Hounds Design “Freedom-No-Pull”Harness.  

You will notice the front vertical strap of the harness is rather loose, hanging away from Rosy’s chest.  This is not the original way the harness was adjusted to fit her – the front pieces sat tighter and higher on her chest. However I chose to loosen it when my vet expressed her concern about how the harness sat on her, which was putting pressure on a nerve at her chest.  This works for Rosy. You’ll want to consult with your pet care professionals to get the correct and safe fit for your dog.

There are a number of different brands of the front clipping harnesses in the market. You may want to check out these two similar brands as well.

Victoria Stilwell’s Positively No-Pull Harness

Walk Your Dog With Love No-Pull harness.

There are some other more lightweight ones you can find in a number of the larger pet supply stores – I selected the brand I did, as it is very sturdy for her breed, (Shetland Sheepdog/German Shepherd mix) and her weight, (44 lbs.) and she cannot slip out of the harness. Please call the companies that sell the harnesses and read the reviews online to determine if a particular brand will be a good match for your dog.

Peaceful, happy, walking!  And don’t fret too much if they want to stop and sniff every few feet. Be patient. You don’t like to be interrupted reading the morning newspaper, do you?  For your dog, it’s how they find out what’s going on in their world – to use the famous slogan, they’re getting “all the news that’s fit to pee.”


Resources for Episode 5 – Title: The Biological Reason Your Dog Pulls, How to Stop it & Fulfilling Your Cat’s Primary Need.

The link to Pam Johnson- Bennett’s, website where you can also order her books.