047. Being Your Dog’s Leader: A Technique for Out-of-Control Behavior & Is Eating Grass Good or Bad for Dogs?


Full show notes for Raising Your Paws Podcast – Episode 47. 


First, is it good or bad for your dog to eat that wild grass and why do they do it?

Does your dog want to eat the wild grasses that sprout during the spring and summer? Do you let them? There are mixed opinions between dog owners about this. Why do dogs want to eat grass anyway and is it okay for them to eat? We start this episode by asking dog trainer, Katie-K-9 for her opinion.

Then, the leadership technique that will stop your dog from rushing out the front door.

Is your dog in control – rather than you?  For a dog to listen to you, you don’t have to be the Alpha or dominant – you do need to be a good leader. I’ll describe an effective way to handle some of your dogs out of control behavior that uses your body, not the leash, to stop certain movements and that establishes you as the leader in your dog’s eyes.

Plus, a fun kitchen game to play that gets your cat moving.

Want an easy way to give your cat some more exercise in the house? Grab two chairs, some treats and get your cat jumping – I’ll explain how.


Have additional questions about the tips and techniques in the show or would like to share some of your own stories and solutions you’ve found with your pets?  Please write me at susan@raisingyourpaws.com.


Resources for the episode. 


Katie K-9’s website

Listen to Katie-K-9’s podcasts.

Katie -K-9

Resource for obtaining green tripe for dogs: greentripe.com.

Source for story about dog leadership and body blocking: “How to be the Leader of the Pack… and have your dog love you for it” by Patricia B. McConnell, Ph.D.