Perhaps you think that dealing with gassy odor is the price you pay for loving your dog – so you wear nose plugs after your dog eats, accept that your guests won’t ever stay very long, spend a lot of money on air fresheners or push your dog out the door, and try not to feel guilty that your pup spends most of its time sitting outside, looking woefully back in through the windows at you and your family.

You do not have to live this way. Passing the occasional gas is fairly normal for both humans and canines, but if it’s excessive, then it needs to be addressed and can be fixed. 

Flatulence is a result of gasses that accumulate in the digestive tract and there are a number of reasons why this may happen. Your dog may be swallowing a lot of air by gulping their food, if they eat too quickly. Then your dog either will burp or let it out the other end but usually the gas that comes out this way does not have a strong odor. There can be medical reasons. You will want to rule out intestinal parasites, such as worms. If you suspect your dog could be sick, your Vet will run tests on its stool.

However – the most common cause of a lot of gas that smells bad is your dog’s diet.  You may be feeding your dog a food that creates the conditions which make him excessively gassy.  

NutriSource pet foods are highly digestible and are known to reduce gas and loose stools – so much that they guarantee it.  If your dog has gas and loose stools due to a diet issue and it doesn’t improve after feeding our food, take the food back to the store where you bought it, and you’ll get your money back.

What is it about NutriSource pet foods that helps with gassy odor?  Their “Good 4 Life system” ensures good gut health and proper digestion of your dogs meals. The  patented, prebiotic (Bio-Mos®) simultaneously promotes good bacteria and eliminates bad bacteria, while the patented, probiotic, (Yea-Sacc®) helps maintain the proper PH balance of bacteria in the gut.  Together, these two ingredients ensure a robust gut flora to provide complete digestion and absorption of nutrients. Having your pet’s meal fully digested BEFORE it reaches the colon allows the colon to do what it was designed to do – absorb, rather than become an incubator for undissolved nutrients to ferment and create smelly gasses.  

Try a bag of NutriSource, Pure Vita or Natural Planet dog foods and see if it doesn’t take care of the problem.  Happy smelling house again! 

Here is where to find the closest store to you that sells our food.


Raising Your Paws Podcast – Episode 22.

Title  – Finding Places You Can Shop or Grab a Beer With Your Dog & Help Your Pets Handle the Move to the New House.

When you’re out with your dog, don’t you wish at times that both of you could stop in to that cool looking shop you see, or eat at that yummy looking restaurant?  There is an online resource where you can find local places that are dog friendly.  Ali Jarvis, the founder of Sidewalk Dog Media, and I talk about some of the larger chain stores that allow dogs, and Ali explains why breweries are a perfect place to take your dog.

Next, moving to a new home is exciting yet stressful for you and your pet. In this episode, hear what you can do to help make the transition smoother for your dog so that they don’t think they will be abandoned in the new strange place.

Then, make sure you do these things to ensure your cat will not be totally freaked out and hide for a week after moving into the new home.

Resources for this episode:

Website:  Sidewalk

Sidewalk Dog Blog.

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Ali Jarvis, Founder, CEO of Sidewalk Dog Media.

Dr. Karen Becker Article – Moving to a New Home with Your Dog? Avoid These Mistakes.

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