Is it possible that when your dog yawns, it may have caught it from you?

Listen to this weeks episode of the Raising Your Paws Podcast – number 21, to hear more about the phenomenon of contagious yawns.

Also, just like it is helpful for you to know how many calories you can eat in a day to maintain your weight, this is also true for your pets.

All pet foods list how many calories are in the food, usually listed by the cup. But how does one know how many calories per day to feed a dog or cat?

Hear what Dr. Aldrich, a professor at Kansas State University who teaches about Pet nutrition says about the value of knowing how many calories to feed on episode 21.

It is a complicated equation so there are Pet food calorie calculators on the web that help you figure this out. Try googling more than one to get a better estimate of what is accurate for your cat or dog.

Resources for Raising Your Paws, episode 21.

Dr. Greg Aldrich.

Title: How To Keep Your Dog at Its Ideal Weight & Improve the Odds That Your Cat Won’t Become a Picky Eater.

Guest, Dr. Greg Aldrich, PhD.  Kansas State University: Pet Food Program Website Page.


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