Have you rescued a dog? Perhaps you found an abandoned one out on the streets or saved one from being ethuanized in a shelter. Rosy, my dog, a Sheltie, German Shephard mix, that I adopted, was taken out of a community pound by a woman who fostered dogs moments before the dog was going to be euthanized.

Perhaps you feel that as much as you saved your dog, your dog has saved you in many ways.

That is how one Marine who fought in Afghanistan, during 2010, feels about his dog Fred.

Listen to Craig Grossi’s dramatic story of his mission fighting the Taliban in one of the most violent areas of Afghanistan, how he fell in love with a stray dog living in the middle of the battlefield, got him home to the United States and is rescued by his dog everyday.

Here are photos of Craig and Fred.

Craig Grossi and Fred the Afghan. Two souls rescued.

Fred sleeping in the worn-torn area of Sangin, Afghanistan.

Fred would accompany the Marines as they visited and spoke with the Villagers.

Fred looking out over the compound where Craig’s platoon was stationed.


Notes d'affichage complètes pour Raising Your Paws Podcast Episode 57.

Title: How Smelly Humans Are to Dogs & A Marine and a Dog from Afghanistan that Rescued each other.

How can search and rescue and police dogs sniff out and follow people that are long gone from sight? It is because, we humans smell ALOT to dogs and this makes it easy for them to track people. In this episode, I’ll explain exactly why and how you are constantly producing odors that dogs can detect and allow them to identify YOUR particular scent from all others.

Ensuite, l'histoire que vous entendrez aujourd'hui, de la part de mon invité, Craig Grossi, a marine, who was stationed in, Afghanistan is about a stray dog who was scrounging out his living in the desert sands, and captured the marine’s heart and commitment. The story of Craig and his dog Fred, is one of the more unique and gratifying rescue stories I’ve ever heard. You’ll be able to read the entire story about how Craig brought Fred back from war torn Afghanistan to the United States, in Craig’s book, Craig and Fred: A Marine, A Stray Dog, and How They Rescued Each Other.

Ensuite, il est temps pour un autre « D'où vient cette expression ? Il y a deux histoires qui offrent une explication de l’origine de l’expression « laissez le chat sortir du sac ».

In the podcast, I promised  you some photos of cats squeezed in small places.

If you live with a cat, you know that they like to jump into bags and boxes.  Cats have a natural need for warmth and protection and their instinct tells them to be alert to dangers that might sneak up on them when they want to relax and doze so it makes sense that they would feel snug and comfortable and more protected in smaller, defined places.

But do you wonder how a cat can cram themselves into the smallest of places? It has to do with how they are made. Cats can fit through any space that is wider than their heads. That’s because they don’t have collarbones and their heads are the widest parts of their bodies. As long as they can get their head in something, with their  amazingly flexible spines, they can twist and wiggle themselves into all sorts of things in such a way that their front legs can be facing one way, their hind legs are facing another when they are lying down, and they’ll still be comfy.


Photo credit: Alina Esther©

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Craig, Nora and Fred.

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