Do you have health insurance for your pets? If not, do you wonder if you should get it, why its needed or would it really be worth it?

And how do you pick the right company anyway?  Does it feel like a hassle to have to figure it out?

To help  you decide if it’s worth getting, – it’s pretty easy. Just answer two questions.

And to choose which company to go with, there is a convenient online tool that takes you step by step through the process.

You’ll hear the two questions and what the online tool is, in this episode (58) of the Raising Your Paws podcast. This is a “best of podcast”  replay from one of the first pillar episodes of the show.

Notas completas del programa.

Episode 58 (replay of pillar episode No. 1)

Título: Sure Fire Way to Decide if You Should Get Pet Health Insurance & Why Your Dog Lies Down After Spotting Another Dog.

In this, “Best of Podcast” pillar episode replay show, we’ll first start with what you should do if you think your pet may have been poisoned… besides panic. I’ll tell you a story about when I accidently fed a toxic drug to my dog and a phone number you’ll want to call right away if you suspect poisoning.

Next, do you wonder if you need to have pet health insurance for your cat or dog? Dr. Doug Kenney, DVM, author of the book, Seguro médico para mascotas, la perspectiva de los veterinarios, poses two simple questions to ask yourself in order to decide and then explains how to select a good company that meets your needs. You’ll hear about an online resource, his pet insurance tool kit, which helps you work through this step-by step.

Entonces, su perro puede estar comunicándose con usted y otros perros, a través de este comportamiento particular. Descubre qué es y aumenta tus habilidades para leer el lenguaje corporal de tu perro.

And, finally, why pouring your dry pet food from the bag it came in, into another can or bucket is no la mejor manera de almacenar la comida.

Recursos adicionales para este programa:

Número de teléfono de la línea directa de control de envenenamiento de ASPCA: 888-426-4435.

Enlace de Amazon para pedir el libro, Pet Health Insurance, A Veterinarians Perspective.

Sitio web del Dr. Kenney.

Kit de herramientas de seguro de salud para mascotas.

Podcast del Dr. Kenny


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