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Friday, October 25, 2018

I want to say thank you to our partners and to our customers. Our focus remains on you – where it should be.

Today I want to provide and update to an earlier video regarding unauthorized resellers of our NutriSource®, PureVita® and Natural Planet® products. As I said then – “We stand firmly behind our Brick and Mortar partners and service and knowledge they provide.” This value is central to who we are and it has not changed.

When we last addressed this issue we were finding some of our products on e-commerce sites from big box and other unauthorized resellers.

We continue to pursue this daily and exhaust all efforts to identify and address those who violate our policy.

Today I want to share a recent development in this area. We have been able to positively identify a distribution partner who was violating the Permitted Channels of Distribution Agreement by selling product directly to Amazon.

Some of you have perhaps heard me say this before, but “We say what we mean and mean what we say.”

The distributor who violated our agreement not only disappointed our company, they also abused the trust that our other partners and customers deserve from a company committed to their interests. For that reason, they are learning today that we are severing our business relationship with them and they will no longer be handling our super premium products.

We walked away from millions of dollars when we split ways with Chewy and today we walk away from millions of dollars with a partner who violated our trust. Hopefully there is no doubt on anyone’s part that we are committed to what we believe in and remain committed to the health and best interests of our partners and customers.

We hope that our actions speak loudly and I ask that your support for us continues to grow as we make these decisions. It is our stated goal to be the solutions provider for pets and pet parents everywhere by partnering with the most knowledgeable and dedicated brick and mortar retailers across the country.

Again, because we literally cannot express this enough, thank you to both our partners and customers for your continued support and business.

Charlie Nelson
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President, KLN Family Brands

NutriSource Brand Pet Foods Mission Statement: To enhance pet health and well-being through a safe, high quality diet; delivered through a network of authorized, knowledgeable distributors and retailers.

NutriSource Brand Pet Foods Vision Statement: To create the highest quality super premium pet foods to be sold within a market strategy that emphasizes family ownership and operations.

NutriSource Brand Pet Foods Market Strategy: To bring products to market with a central strategy of partnering with educated, authorized pet specialty accounts that can deliver on the key aspects of our success formula:

  • Offering complete customer service in support of our 100% satisfaction warranty/guarantee.
  • Offering safe handling, storage and presentation of our products that maintains traceability.
  • Offering appropriate loyalty programs to aid in long term customer retention for the brands.
  • Offering educated, knowledgeable staff members that deliver a value added service by consulting with pet parents to deliver a nutritionally appropriate solution for each pet.
  • To share our success with charities and causes that promote people and pets in need.

NutriSource Brand Pet Foods Warranty/Guarantee: NutriSource branded products are covered by a 100% satisfaction warranty/guarantee when purchased from an authorized retailer. To receive warranty/guarantee service a valid receipt or proof of purchase from an authorized retailer is required. Warranty/guarantee service may be initiated by calling 1-800-525-9155 or writing to KLN Family Brands Company, P.O. Box 190, Perham, MN 56573 Attn: NutriSource Customer Service or by working with an authorized retailer.

To ensure your pet’s health and proper nutrition, NutriSource Pet Foods recommends purchasing products only from an authorized retailer.

NutriSource has no control over the safety, storage, handling or authenticity of products handled by unauthorized retailers. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee and any other form of warranty, express or otherwise, become null and void when not purchased through an authorized retailer. Additionally, customer service and access to company sponsored loyalty programs or promotions are not extended to products purchased from unauthorized resellers.

Below is a list of unauthorized retailers of NutriSource products:
  • Amazon
  • Chewy.com
  • eBay
  • Jet.com
  • Kmart
  • Petco
  • Petsmart
  • Sears
  • Walmart