Daniel B.

Hi, my name is Daniel and i was just writing to say thank you. This brand has help my American pit bull terrier recover from a severe food allergy. I have spent hundreds of dollars trying to help him with his allergy. His skin was so bad, it was to the point that he had lost most of his fur and his skin was pink and raw from scratching. He had chewed at the base of his tail so much that it was swollen and nearly double the size. I went into the local pet store and they recommended I try the seafood select after informing them that I had tried so many other brands with no results. After just one week I had already noticed results. His skin had started regaining color and fur started growing back. After several months of use he has completely changed. He has grown all his fur back and I have not had any issues with his allergies since. Again i would just like to say thank you, and would like to give recognition to the ladies of Pet Town in Port Orchard. WA. I would love to share some photos of his amazing transformation. I would also enjoy speaking with someone personally and sharing his success. Thank you for your time and the great products.

Port Orchard, WA