Hurricane Harvey Relief Effort

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Hurricane Harvey Relief Effort

The recent Hurricane and related weather that has hit the gulf coast has devastated the lives of millions of Americans and their pets. In an effort to offer relief Tuffy’s Pet Foods, makers of NutriSource, Pure Vita and Natural Planet pet foods has launched an initiative that will provide aid to pet parents across affected areas.

Please join us in accomplishing our effort and meet our goal.

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In a statement released Wednesday Charlie Nelson, part of the family of ownership shared that one of the primary values of the company and his family is to help others in need. “Like many of you I have been following the reports and pictures detailing the devastation in the gulf coast area. I can share with you that we will be making a monetary donation to get the gofundme page off to a healthy start and will also make a pet food donation to feed at least 5,000 pet meals to assist pet owners and their pets that have been impacted or displaced due to Hurricane Harvey.”

Tuffy’s will be reaching out to its’ vendors, distributors, retailers and other contacts in an effort to deliver even further aid to those in need. “More than just a company value, it is the right thing to do – I ask that anyone who can help support the families, friends and neighbors hurt by this disaster reach out to lend any assistance they can” said Nelson.

Dan Schmitz, National Sales Manager at Tuffy’s shared that efforts to help are ongoing and that the logistics of getting aid directly to those in need were already being addressed.